She really owns every fight seen that is written. She is number , meaning she spent that long being dead before she became a Reboot. Reboots have become a way for an organisation called HARC to control society. When the story commenced, Wren was emotionless but just when Callum entered a few chapters later, I didn’t quite catch much growth or gradual development in Wren’s personality, to make a chemistry flower. As only a 22, Callum is basically still human. But soon after she is introduced to the love interest, Callum–who, keep in mind, I think is both a fantastic character and love interest–all those adjectives I’ve used to describe Wren gradually became less and less extreme. Hardcover , 1st Edition , pages. It was really good!!

She deals with everything that happens to her and takes care of it and shows no fear, unless it’s the mayor. I literally cringe everytime he goes happy-go-lucky with his supposed to be inspirational and encouraging lines that only felt like being grated by a cheese grater. An example of ‘what on earth is this supposed to mean’: Errm so yeah, I think the subject of that sentence went missing somewhere …? I’m really trying hard to find a reason to give this book at least a two, but so far, I’ve come up with none. I wanted to punch him at times, but then realized I would never be able to.

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I wasn’t expecting to enjoy their relationship so much, and I also wasn’t expecting to find myself laughing as often as I did, but there are a lot of great snippets of dialo Really enjoyed this one! I just couldn’t really follow the plot. There’s always the typical best friend.

It reminds me a little of Divergent. This is a fascinating perspective on humanity and it looks at what it means to be human.

Reboot (Reboot, #1) by Amy Tintera

However, with that issue, and also one concerning info-dumping with the world-building in the early chapters aside, I found Reboot to be a thoroughly fun, entertaining, and worthwhile read. My hands shook as I folded them in my lap, and I glanced over to see Callum staring at them.


We have the best friend, Ever. When the shuttle landed, I trailed out last.

He shows no interest in becoming who they want him to become and even though he was glad Wren picked him as her newbie to train, he regrets it and rebkot he could move on to someone else. How did it make you feel during this scene? I’ve realised a few things about my reading habits.

He’s described as still being human and all that, and because of this, he’s almost always the one who tries to be the higher person when it comes to situations that challenge their morals. Callum is afraid to fight, he’s almost a pacifist, and given his low number, he is absolutely terrible at actually fighting and staying upright. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It would’ve been fine, but his character and delivery were just SO bland.

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Nevertheless, Reboot is a debut worthy of the hype. Even though he is really low he still tries his best. I just don’t buy the romance at all. Wren helps with the new recruits and only trains the higher ranking new reboots. When she would sit down and eat, she would make sure to not talk and enjoy her food, moviie Callum sat next to tintdra and decided to open his annoying mouth and talk.

Jul 08, Alice-Elizabeth marriedtobooks rated it really liked it Shelves: Girl has no emotions, a bad case of resting bitch face, and hates everything A new and interesting twist on the renoot popularity of zombies brings readers into the life of Wren, who was shot five years ago and then woke up—or rebooted—after one hundred and seventy eight minutes. Agh, it just had so much potential … and then, once it got into the second half, it went way downhill.

If you are fun of Divergent then give it a try!! However on whole, Wren developed appreciably, and held a genuine personality and logical thinking despite it being a little too fast and uneven when Callum was introduced.


Movje hardly read dystopian books since they usually annoy the shit out of me, but I read this purely because I loved Amy Tintera’s other series so I thought I’d give this one moviee go too.

Constantly, I’m scrounging for a flaw, unanswered question or unrealistic piece of information. He isn’t very strong and still acts like human.

What was the virus? Other than that, maybe there will be more sci-fi elements and different technology use used in different ways.

Damn it, this book really let me down. The main character, Wren, is a real badass. The main character was a lot stronger while I thought Em was an average heroine. View all mlvie comments. Need I repeat myself?

I just finished reading movoe title. Wren is such a badass!! But on the other side of the scale is Callum, still practically human with no quick reflexes and still rather emotional, took only 22 minutes to resurrect. The story begins with Wren I could go on and on about that one mvie, but I’ll just stop there. I thought Wren was awesome. And the more minutes you have been dead for, the more emotionless and robotic you are [s] 2 37 Nov 29, As a 22, Callum Reyes is practically still human.

Book ratings tnitera Goodreads. Check, check, check, check! By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. I still have so many questions about the experiments they did on the lower numbers.

Lower numbers are considered disposable; they’re too weak and emotional to be of any long-term use.