Yup, Mina and Youngrae are annoyingly perfect and good. With that being said though, I have to commend HeadsNo2 for following through to the end. Ha-eung even sends him off with no hard feelings, which is almost sadder for Kyung-tak because no one takes him seriously. Not when there are sooo many other rooms out there with folks who agree with me. Which is why I have this feeling that this drama is going to be on the list of “had potential but failed”. She stops a passerby to ask for directions, and Im darts behind a bush he is a fugitive here, after all. Archived from the original on February 16,

How about giving it a different name or not naming it at all and not letting it go viral so that you save the girl but still allow history to happen the way it’s supposed to. Just as his hand slips, another hand swoops in from above to grab him, pulling him to safety. Doramas seem to have less issue with this, such that Jin could love his girlfriend-in-a-coma, yet feel a growing affection for his student-doctor. Episodes by odilettante. Anyways, forgot to add: Close behind, Doo-chil and his gang spot them, so she shoves Im inside the building, slamming the door behind her.

Your dedication is amazing, HeadsNo2. A tussle ensues between the guards and the servant gang outside while Yeon-kyung tries to find a way out of the burning building. Min May 27, at 1: I was waiting for your recap to see how terrible this awful drama is going to end.

That made his candidate, 2nd son Gojong, malleable since not only was he 12, but they could easily influence Yi Ha-eung, who would act as regent in behalf of his son. Now back for another dramaa quick cut with Heo Gwang and Hyuk, with the doctor admonishing him for keeping Kye-hyang a secret. Just wait till there’s Daewangdaebi Jo- ssi. Kyung-tak hesitates before making a request about his marriage….


Sinopsis Drama Korea ” I do I do ” (1-end)

He calls off the search. Idk if I got any theory formed but I hope he isn’t yoon kyung dad. Hyuk wonders if this is a movie set and walks closer, curious but unafraid. Ji-ho keeps looking at his hands, as Nam-joo tells him she has finally forgiven Yeong-rang — her family is doing better than before, their wounds are almost healed.

No” are you suuuuuuuuure? The creepy baby tumour was really scary in JIN. I loved the Japanese version – both first and second seasons. Feelings hurt, he warns Ha-eung against going into the VIP section and tells him to just eat and leave. And Kim Nam Gil is a hoot! And you just exceeded all my expectations I haven’t laughed this hard in so long. My best assessment at the moment is: I hardly understand Korean, but I can say I have a keen ear for languages. Maybe any one of those explanations would be more palatable than the negative amount of explanations we were given.

I like that we started in media res, thrown off the deep end along with the hero, left to puzzle out the mystery without advance warning.

Unsure where to go after fleeing from Jin-oh, Yeon-kyung hears a commotion outside the main gate. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. Draa Jap version is much betterif Dr.

I hope you will get to rest a little after this before you tackle your next recap Yeong-rang tells him he needs to be a good daddy to Ji-ho from now on, but he demands she return to join him in being good parents instead. But his words die in his mouth as realization strikes, and he remembers being impaled with a metal rod in the hospital. The fetus is preserved in liquid and put into a glass jar—the same type of jar Hyuk had with him during his time-warp. Dramz I understand correctly how the time travel works He tells Hyuk that the brain fetus was removed from his brain.


I cannot get on board Episodde MinYoung and Jaejoong ship. Well, his sageuk delivery is questionable, but there’s no denying that the camera loves him.

Sinopsis Time Slip Dr Jin Episode 3 Recap ~ Jalz’s TVXQ|Cassieast Zone

The only thing I looked forward to in the Korean version was an actual romance line. The suspicions the blogger voiced are mostly centered on the general stories of the two pieces, both of which involve music and a battle to become the heir of a rich family.

As she should have — I would have headdesked myself into a coma if she ended up running back to him!

Sinopsix evil jar baby? QIM is a god send, so I’m just watching that and hoping the subbers are quicker now that the King and Prince have both had their day until Big comes along next Monday.

Then you go naming the penicillin it’s actual name and letting everyone know about it. Heads could you possibly explain the mechanisms of saguek delivery?

Firing an actress because she dyed her hair?!? Ah Kyung Tak, kyung Tak, kyung tak.

Aquila August 19, at 6: I’m sorry, but I’m going to stop watching it. Little did I realize that 10 whole months would pass between then and now; such is the completist in me.

Hyuk does the same.