He went even further and gave money to the women whose supporters were killed in the battle. In this battle alone the Crusader army was largely annihilated by the motivated army of Salahuddin. It is reported that prayers and devotion to Allaah were the constant companions of our hero. When Saladin retook Jerusalem, the Christians waited for a similar onslaught. This is the first part. On September 29, Salahuddin crossed the Jordan River to intercepted Crusader reinforcements from Karak and Shaubak along the Nablus road and took a number of prisoners. Above all, he played an instrumental role in turning the tide against the Crusaders by successfully reclaiming Jerusalem and earned a name for himself in the annals of both Muslim and Western history.

Defeated King Richard and pardoned him! Among us are mothers, wives, daughters or sisters to the soldiers in captivity with you. But now I see that you are honourable enemies and I have not despaired of your forgiveness. Originally Posted by GenericBrand. But not as desified. The times, when he was born were one of the worst times of Muslim era. These three things were then the goals which our hero tried to achieve in order to liberate Muslim lands from the Crusaders. May Allah honor him in the hereafter, lighten his grave, and raise his rank in Paradise.

What were their arms with which they faced fighters, who were much superior in number, training and equipment? He granted freedom to Christians to leave the city if they paid a small tribute. Originally Posted by pakistanalltheway.

He never spoke badly about anyone and never allowed anyone to do so in his presence. Onlkne efforts by the Crusaders to win back Jerusalem were resisted until they movi gave up and retreated homewards. Can Jerusalem once again be home to all three faiths, Muslim, Jews and Christians. But not as desified. He never quit a prayer except when he slipped into a come for three days before his death.

A well known writer Abul Hasan Al-Nadvi puts in the following words.

Many crusaders were ransomed. His Ayyubid Empire united Egypt and Syria. After entering the city they went straight to the Mosque and cleaned it. May Allah honor him in salayuddin hereafter, lighten his grave, and raise his rank in Paradise. Europe was drained off men and money, and threatened with social bankruptcy, if not with annihilation.


For, had not the early Muslims gone out of the deserts and captured the two greatest Empires on earth in their time? Salahuddin Ayyubi, the great warrior of Islam Salahudin Ayyubi was a fighter who freed Jerusalem of the Crusaders, he was a living example of the tolerant, progressive, and inclusive faith which was so dear to his heart.

Salahuddin Al-Ayubi, The Liberator Of Jerusalem |

Salahuddin Al Ayubi – Liberator Of Jerusalem video included Saahuddin Salahuddin Ayubi, the hero of hundreds of battles, was the person who for twenty years braved the storm of the Crusaders and ultimately pushed back the combined forces of Europe which had come to swarm the Holy Land. Salahuddin sent out skirmishers to harass their forces and he himself marched to Ain Jalut.

Also, an author named Jack Hight has written three historical fiction books on the life of salahudin. Also, Super-Six Thanks for making this thread bro. Sayings of Sayyiduna Umar al-Farooq ra.

Medina Charter of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh and Pluralism ]. You see that we are leaving. Among us are mothers, wives, daughters or sisters to the soldiers in captivity with you. An irate French girl came up to the Sultan and said, “You murderer, you have killed my father, and captured both of all-ayubi brothers, so there remains no one to support me! Saladin was born in AD in Tikrit, Iraq, and studied the Quran and theology along with astronomy, mathematics, and law. Ibn Shaddad an intimate companion of our hero reports: Saladin used to perform the five obligatory prayers on time, along with moviw supererogatory prayers.

Does anyone know movie about islamic warrior salahuddin ayyubi?

The members of these caravans had, in vain, besought his mercy by reciting the truce between the Muslims and the Crusaders, but he ignored this and a-ayubi their prophet Muhammad before murdering and torturing a number of them.


Originally Posted by GenericBrand. These men are our support in life, and zalahuddin we lose them we will lose everything. He never prayed except in congregation, and he never delayed a prayer. The world has hardly witnessed a more chivalrous and humane conqueror. Moreover, his chivalrous conduct toward King Richard I, and the mutual respect which ensued despite their warring roles, won him further accolades in quarters that could not bring themselves to despise him.

In addition, he provided them transport, etc. However, he paid for many of them. Salahuddin also allocated one of the gates of the city for people who were too poor to pay anything that they leave from there. It was mvie their faith in Allaah, devotion to justice and aalahuddin.

When the Crusader force—reckoned to be the largest the kingdom ever produced from its own resources, but still outmatched by the Muslims—advanced, the Ayyubids unexpectedly moved down the stream of Ain Jalut.

His chivalry was remarkable given the times he lived in, true hero of Islam. In CE, Salahuddin conquered Jerusalem. Malaysia names new king Islamic World.

Anyone watched the Salladin the Victorious “El Swlahuddin Salah el Dine” movie, 10x better then kingdom of heaven, brilliant movie. Jerusalem the claimed target of Crusaders was of course already under foreign ruthless domination.

EagleBook novie Kingdom, Book 2 Holy WarBook 3 I have read the first book and it was brilliant, some of the fictional stuff he has in there he clarifies in a separate chapter at the back of the book once you have finished reading in-order to avoid any controveries.