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NewspaperSG – Malaya Tribune, 6 July

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Members of the Fathul Karib club untitled asked to note that a general meeting will be held to-morrow, at 10 a.


On Thursday evening, at Seremban, S.

Report for Week June 23 General Yen Hsi Shan, still in hospital with dysentery, is determined to accompany General Feng Yu Hsi ng and it is now said that they will depart from Tientsin. Butts and thfee children, Mrs. It is the raz.

Programme of Drills up to and for week ending July 7: Newspaper Title Search all titles. There was a great xayd of the nrntber of casualties in Independence Day celebrations, the only fatality occurring in the metropolitan area where a child died from burns.

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In the Sunday School offering the gifts of two classes are especially worthy of mention. Stanley Baldwin and ten prewar Germ mi Rhodes Scholars, in: Seremban 63, Birch Road. Seah Eng Lim, Esq. Date of funeral will be announced.