Any girl receiving Charles Darwin during scene 4. Encouraging him to recite poetry won’t work either, but knocks out a sixth Expression of Affection. Slash the ice head. What do you need help on? How can I get him to join me? Leave the window and check your diagram from the intro.

Head to Bleak House. Any girl receiving Charles Darwin during scene 4. When you’re done, check under the box next to the door. This simply asks you if you want to be nice or mean to the person. Strike up a conversation, calling him names in the process. Welcome to the 20th Century, Homsar!

Episode 4 is based around Strong Bad’s homemade movie: They’ll still happily judge your concert via webcam, luckily. Now instead of creating ordinary everyday fog, it’ll create a rich and creamy buttery fog; which will get all over the bats!

Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free – Guides and FAQs

How can I get him to join me? He’s very self-centered and big headed, often playing pranks and beating around others for his own amusment. It wouldn’t make much sense to give you any though since The Track is inaccessable in this game. Pom Pom won’t join your concert without a singer, and Homestar is strapped for cash.

He will walk there automatically. Moves Ship Right Arrow: But as he types out his reply, the King of Town pops out from around the corner and announces his e-mail tax! Hold on to it; it will be a useful reference later.

First of all, check out the shower. The final episode shows Strong Bad accidentally merging the 8 bit and real worlds together and having to sbcg4aap down Trogdor. What is this game? If you’d like the PC version, you can head to www. Sorry, Strong Bad sbdg4ap physically incapable of speaking to her without insulting her. Keep checking it until you remember and get the Darwin card! Use the three buried items and item obtained from Bubs on crystal rock.


Strong Sad uses psychological warfare to demoralize your troops, but Homsar’s randomness renders him immune. Let’s see if this is enough. Head to Bubs and use Strong Sad’s item on him. Now talk to Bubs about his stand. Head over to the cave. In addition, you have a few other things working your way.

Well, we’ve got the soldiers what about that draft? No more nightmares for you Strong Bad! It involves a cool-looking car on fire with a star, a blonde in a bikini with a sword, and a dinosaur.

The Homestarmy wins when one member captures The Of Town. Hey, how’d she get Page 2 of our manual? A heinous plot to get you on the throne! It’s what Strong Bad uses to get from point A to place B.

Grab the paper on the side of the stand for help with the other half of the deal. Sometimes the conversation will be scripted and that’ll be it. Walkthrough – Concessionstantinople walkthroigh Big Hair Wailer 8. Unfortunately, no one will e-mail you back and there’s really nothing in the castle for us to find. Pom Pom will be sbcg4zp and will hire Homestar as a singer. Give him the entry forms for the other two bands.


In the same room as the one above, you’ll find a Bill of Rights, sitting in front of Strong Sad. Flags of the World. Turns out he’s out of drawing paper. The hard part about taking over this country is the fact you can’t understand Homsar. Before you attempt this, make sure you’ve gotten all four of the cards. It’s where he was when you entered Country. Oh, and the spout is missing. With no proof of authority over Bleak House, it becomes a battle of wills between Strong Bad and Strong Sad, and that’s a lopsided contest if ever there was one.

You should have three Teen Girl Squad cards, all four manual pages, and all eight flags. Contents epiode Legend 2 Walkthrough 2.

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Do you have any other contributed works? Exit out and you’ll do the ancient ceremony that Homsar’s uncle Chet taught him. Talking to people is as simple as examining an item. eplsode

In the living room, you’ll find the Smoke Detector near the window up high on the wall.