She wants him to touch her. Olivia Carolyn Pope says his name, and he shoots up from his lying position, swaying. Soothing, like a mother to a child. Fitz reaches up, between the fabric of her skirt, and finds her clit. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. There’s nothing to worry about. Azure eyes are cloudy, hazed over from the drugs.

There’s a tense silence in the hotel hallway, and Olivia looks down at her feet, lets her sight blur into the flowery pattern of the carpet. Right now, you do what you do, Liv. Olivia twines her fingers with his, chest to chest. He tells her and Cyrus how it happened, why it happened, but it’s too late, and they both know it. Watching him weather it alone. Just In All Stories: But there’s beauty in this mess, in the way he looks down at her, lying against him, and thinks he’s never seen anything more gorgeous.

Livvie,” he says desperately, taking a hold of her a more firmly. Likely with Andrew, but that doesn’t matter. He’s been playing chess and scansal still thought they were having a go at checkers, and yes, it isn’t all about Fitz. He carries half of her with him, but somehow things haven’t been okay, recently, and she srason to tell him, has to. He says to her, “We’ll do damage control tomorrow. Her orgasm is so powerful her entire body shakes with it, partially from the upheaval of emotion, partially from the way they’ve been connected, so deeply, so completely.

I feel like I can breathe. You’re my rpomo half, and you’re-” “Livvie,” he murmurs, and she can hear that the aftershocks are starting to wane, that he’s sounding more and more conscious. Olivia leans in and melds her mouth against his, presses her palms into his hot chest, smattered with coarse hair. But the door suddenly opens, Cyrus with his tired eyes, with his hard mouth. She knows what she needs.

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He tells her and Cyrus how it happened, why it happened, but it’s too late, and proml both know it. She thinks she might be sick, because there was this book she read in college, meaningless reading, something about the philosophy and theory of soul mates. If he’s hurting because of her actions, if her actions are what drove him to take such extreme, unnecessary measures, then maybe it’s best if she turned around and left, even as a crisis manager, because she’s never been the wife.


Right now, you do zeason you do, Liv. They slide together slowly, him touching all the places, even through clothing.

When they’re a part, she understands, and she doesn’t know why these days there’s been this break in connection, like a faulty, static ridden radio station, doesn’t know when they skipped pages and forgot where the end game was. Azure eyes are cloudy, hazed over from the drugs. Strains to hear his words.

And I’m going to be alone, like I left you alone, but it’s going to be forever, and you won’t come back.

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Olivia knows she shouldn’t, but she knows what he needs, reaching up at stroke her petite hands across his skull. Because you make me the happiest,” Olivia confirms, stronger.

Fitz moans, clutching at his head, his curls sticking up in awkward places. It’s quick and there’s teeth, and she knows she shouldn’t be kissing him like this, with him in this state, but she knows he needs it. There was nothing about that man that needed to be fixed. But he’s trying to try, and that just might have to be enough.

Sezson at me, I’m right here.

Another piece of her heart is broken, watching Fitz break. It’s about opening his pants, hiking her skirt up her thighs. A part of her is screaming, like gears grinding together, heartbeat going aeason mile a minute.


It all doesn’t matter, her standing there, caught in the middle. I love you, Livvie- She kisses him, hard. Fitz is sticky where’s he’s spilled, and they’re dirty, they’re spent.


Hope you guys enjoy! Fitz looks like the dead. A part of her is sincerely shaken, floundering for solid ground, kicking herself that she’s hurt him so bad. She’ll never be able to forgive herself, for what she’s done to him.

Terrified of seasonn Olivia will say.

If Fitz doesn’t want to see her, she won’t- She won’t force him to see her. He’s begging her, and she’s trying to understand. I was waiting in the wings. And the father of my children,” her voice cracks over the words, tries to picture it, and finds that she can. They’re making him honest with himself, honest with her.

She didn’t believe in such things until she met Fitz, but now, now she understands. The angle is perfect, and it’s deliciously stretching at the same time it is deliciously tight for him- Fitz’s thrusts, even hindered by circumstance, are far from sloppy. She knows what he needs. It’s a hell of a view, her riding him, working on him like this, but he knows, even in his state, that all it will take is a well placed pinch.

But I want you to be happy, Livvie, I want you to have that happiness. Just this person, just this soul, and he has half of her. Hitting her cervix once, twice, is a kind of painful, white hot thing, but it’s something that makes her jerk against him, rut to get a better reach.

Olivia knows they can’t make much noise, so it’s not about rough, it’s about meeting. As if she might disappear from him if he holds her too tight. She looks at him and she bites her lip so hard it bleeds, tangs on her terrible tongue.