The theoretical part also tackled the situation of women in the national media and presented some studies that dealt with the same issue. Karima also argues that if the women of the village showed solidarity with each other then no one can touch them. She then started to tell Rhimou how much she is fond of her out of all her sisters. In this scene, the common conception of women being gossipers and complaining about everything is vividly reinforced. Karima and the other women surprise everyone by shouting anti-men slogans and wearing manly clothes. In this scene we notice a shift from the urban area to a rural one. This perpetuates the idea that even if a woman has reached the peak of her career and is financially independent and highly educated she is still susceptible to the tricks played by men. Aicha suddenly changes the subject upon noticing that they have a seemingly new fridge and asks Rhimou about it.

Mounia calms him and says that sooner or later Karima will marry and have a house and kids like all other women. The Representation of Women in Moroccan Television. Tatildecopylatildecopycharger et convertir fnaire lalla mnana en musique mp3 Lalla mnana mp3 tatildecopylatildecopycharger lalla mnana telecharger lalla. At the first glance this might seem like an ordinary scene. The second part of this paper consisted of an analysis of the images of women through two examples of Moroccan series. The name of the series is the village in which its main events take place. Mennana, Sfiya and Chama Episode 1,

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After complimenting her on her successful last surgery he wishes that he assisted her. Moving on from to a more recent time, the political scene has witnessed many efforts as far as empowering the image of women in the media is concerned. Mounia calms him and says that sooner or later Karima will marry and have a house and kids lallla all other women. Mennana, Sfiya and Chama Episode 1, The second series that will be featured in the practical part is Dar el Ghezlane.

Hajj Bahi leaves the house because he has something to do and leaves Rachid sitting in the guestroom.

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Hajj Bahi pours tea for Rachid and claims that it has been made by Karima. Moments later, their sister Rhimou asked them to put an end serue it and not to embarrass them in front of the neighbors. She also explained how her son suffered with Mennana and lived a bitter life. The way he leered at her showed a clear sexual interest or otherwise deep affection. She waits until Karima leaves and calls her boyfriend again wishing that he would answer the call. It appears that the people of the house were preparing for a special occasion.


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I like this series because during the scene they told sentence or something or they do something funny to break the routine. After noticing what Hajj Bahi is planning to do, Amina quickly pulls her husband and walks towards Hajj Bahi and Rachid to sabotage his plan by showing him that Karima has a hot-tempered nature. Mounia, Karima and Hajj Bahi Episode 1, Another interesting idea that can be elicited from this scene is the fact that Youssef associate the quality of being a woman to following traditions and obeying the father, as soon as Karima transgresses this norm he symbolically strips her from her womanhood and states that he is unsure whether she is a man or a woman because of her behavior.

As soon as she menaja the letter she discovered what seemed lalla be a will but someone called her before she could read it. The theoretical memana will tackle the position of women in the Moroccan media menaa to official reports and statements by experts in the field as well as government figures. Furthermore, to highlight the political efforts that have been made in the menan years it has been seen fit to incorporate a sitting of the parliament to shed light on the political plans that have been issued to ameliorate the image of women in the audiovisual scene.

Karima and Rachid Episode 1, Mauna I think it’s the best series I’ve seen and you’ve talked about it mfnana good!! Jul 22 acircmiddot bnat lalla menana ramadan 2m tv ep 09 oslashumlugraveoslashsectoslashordf ugraveoslashsectugraveoslashcopy ugraveugraveoslashsectugraveoslashcopy oslashsectugraveoslashshyugraveugraveoslashcopy duration She closes the pot and confronts her, asking her what she is doing there.

It is the newest one of the two as it was only aired in Mounia expresses her desire to get married and tells Karima that Rachid has just returned from Spain and that he is downstairs with her father.

The first example that will be analyzed is Lalla Mennana which is a Moroccan series that was broadcasted in on 2M. Her friends are afraid that she might have killed him and she says that he deserves it for peeking at them.

The Hajj, an important man in his village, is portrayed as the typical rural man. Rhimou was surprised to discover, for the first time, that their father used to smoke a pipe.

Once more, the woman is depicted as a disrespectful figure that does not shy away from sneaking into the kitchen in the middle of a funeral to steal food. The name of the series is laloa village in which its main events take place. Karima is depicted as a character who defies the conventional values of how men and women treat each other and acts as a guardian of gender equity in her home as well as outside.


palla Anis, then tries his last trick as he asks Dr. He says that he cannot wait to wed her and have her as his lawful wife. She then started to tell Rhimou how much she is fond of her out of all her sisters. Oslashumlugraveoslashsectoslashordf ugraveoslashsectugraveoslashcopy ugraveugraveoslashsectugraveoslashcopy oslashsectugraveoslashshyugraveugraveoslashcopy 6 bnat lalla mnana free song mp3 download oslashumlugraveoslashsectoslashordf. Indeed, Rachid falls into the trap of this idealized housewife and declares that he prefers rural women to Spanish ones just because they are good housewives and excellent cooks.

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He even had one of his servants monitor Karima so as to keep her from doing anything that might bring shame to his name. The implication in this scene is that being a female menaana always attract the sexual interest of co-workers and that no matter how good she is at her job —even after successfully performing a heart surgery- she is still looked at as a body and judged as such.

Images of Women in Dar el Ghezlane 13 Mennaa Hajar Hammou Dahmani 2 de abril de Jul 22 ampacircampmiddot bnat lalla menana ramadan 2m tv ep 09 amposlashampumlampugraveamposlashampsectamposlashampordf ampugraveamposlashampsectampugraveamposlashampcopy ampugraveampugraveamposlashampsectampugraveamposlashampcopy amposlashampsectampugraveamposlashampshyampugraveampugraveamposlashampcopy duration Anis complains to him about how exhausted he is.

Likewise, even wearing make-up was faced with scorn which further proves the kind of pressure that female women go seriee in rural households as depicted in the scene. She pretends that she is attracted to him and that arouses his suspicions which push him to leave hurriedly. Karima zealously expresses that women can work outside, and then they would see if men can take care of the cattle, fetch water and do housework, nurture the children and cook.

Despite harboring deep affection for her late father, his absence now means that the authority of the father is gone and an example of that is the coming of her secret lover, Imad, which would not have been possible if her father was still alive.

Interestingly, this scene depicts the sudden emancipation that the absence of the father figure leaves. Remember me on this computer. Upon noticing him, the women scream and warn one another that there is a man watching them. Strict them allLalla Mennana prohibits young relationship with any man.