Yeah I know the directings a wee bit shoddy but the acting and writing are top-notch. Since the diary is suspected to be Eunsoo’s that means that at some point in time, she goes back to become Hwata. However, Faith had financial problems almost from its start and they didn’t finish after the drama wrapped. What she was experiencing right there and then was what was written in the letter. Choong-seok says the message from Young is clear: A lot of fans have commented that because of Faith they are learning so much more, science, solar activity, history of Goryeo, the true story of Choi Young and Gong Min, time travel, etc. Young shuts down that idea right away, and asks what happens in the dream that she always wakes up in a cold sweat.

He makes a promise that he will return her to her world, but the scheming royal advisor persuades King Gongmin to force Eun-soo to stay as she can be useful to him. For myself, I can’t help but think that when Choi Young said he couldn’t carry Eun Soo because he then wouldn’t be able to hold his sword was a metaphore because Eun Soo hates blood so much, and when he’s around her, he sorts of second guesses his life path, so what he really ment might be that he can’t be with her because it prevents him from doing his job. I shudder to think of the Korean drama that doesn’t get shown abroad while Hallyu is still raging. Perhaps it was not I, but the palace, that was king. Therefore, even though the ratings seem low something else is clearly going on, and I think you have pointed out some of it. He says they figured out what the poison is, but not the antidote, and then takes out the little bottle from Jang Bin…. The writer Song Ji-Na uploaded the original script on her website and it was obvious that there were considerable changes in the final product, some of them because of lack of money.


Episodes by LollyPip. So she is ‘stopping sinposis heart from going to him’ – which is logical. Only goes to show that it’s a notch higher than the usual mainstream korean drama.

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Bagi pecinta drama bergenre fantasy romance jangan lewatkan drama yang satu ini: Yeah, I did yell that, but I can’t help it. Asking for another Queen Inhyun couple is practically impossible. However the actor had to be replaced because he was drafted in the army.

With that, he hands over the antidote. The queen is led outside by a few of her guards, led by Lady Choi.

No complaints here watching them. She smiles to hear his voice and peers into the room. I noticed that Faith is the number 2 on Viki.

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But the series got its budget slashed, and was pushed back multiple times because of the leading actor. He apologizes for causing some trouble with the seal, and Gongmin corrects him that it was a whole LOT of trouble, thankyouverymuch, all with a smirk.

Mama J October 4, at Lee Saek smiles to watch the king interact with his people. I was almost dying of frustration and embarrassment with the previous ones P Episkde 2, at 8: Lee Min Ho as Choi Young reminds me so much of LMH as City Hunter – both seemingly subdued yet intense; both seemingly brooding and laidback yet richly-emotive; crisp, precise and matter-of-fact in speech and mannerisms that at times peel away to reveal an underlying endearingly-vulnerable, soft and emotional side On the way they are attacked and the queen is fatally injured.

I can so relate with you on this. This was a severe blow to the budget, as 10 million won had reportedly been spent on promotion with Kang as the lead.


Found what date the gate will kadoraa, 2nd, but unfortunately she missed that time due to unthinkable circumstances, so she have to wait another 67?

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I like the B, I think ES went back to since the fortuneteller told her that she will be gone for a year. I, too, reloaded like a gazillion time just to see if your recap is here: He sends Dae-man and Deok-man ahead so they can argue alone.

So, Eun-Soo must had met Young and watched him die which she saw in her dream. I also can’t wrap my mind around the time travel. Ki Chul arches an eyebrow: But problems arise as others become fascinated with her as the “Heaven’s doctor”, and Eun-soo becomes a pawn in the political power plays between King Gongmin, the Yuan overlords, the sociopathic nobleman Ki-chul and Prince Deok-seung, King Gongmin’s uncle.

I guess time travel is not healthy for a girl’s emotional life.

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If younger viewers are watching online, and Faith is the 1 search topic on Korea’s google, as well as top on message boards that post episodesand fans are crashing Song Ji Ah’s web site, then there IS something else going on and ratings is not reflecting the popularity of the drama in Korea.

She tells him she needs that too, whatever it is. However, Faith had financial problems almost from its start and they didn’t finish after the drama wrapped. Did everybody have their frenemy flakes for breakfast today?