He is inconsistent all the time. The coldest line I’ve ever heard from him is from 50 chicks: People think he’s just slurring about diamonds and lean but he has a lot of substance in his work. Can’t stand young thug. It’s just odd that he calls certain artists one dimensional and not others who many consider to be just as if not more one dimensional. Why did Fantano drop the review on this youtube channel instead of TheNeedleDrop? It most likely means they’re mastered, and finished.

Sounds sooooo much better! He recently made hotline bling one of his fav tracks of the week. People think he’s just slurring about diamonds and lean but he has a lot of substance in his work. Its pretty pretentious to say that you need to “get” something to be able to properly have an opinion. Says he was looking forward to it, there were more high points than Barter 6, but Thugger seemed to be one dimensional and it got old after an hour and 10 minutes. NM, not actually But, at the end of the day Thug is Thug and Drake is Drake so let one slide but shit on the other.

I’m a huge Migos fan. Slime Liivemixtapes 2 received widespread acclaim from critics. I dislike most things that Future, Thugger, and Migos do. Like 10 songs on each or something. This time, it’s constructed with more precision, playing out as one long crescendo.

Only difference being Wayne was at the beginning of the online music boom so there were only certain sites to get music so it wasn’t as hard.

NM, not actually Yeah, especially since it wasn’t a serious release as much as Barter 6 was. Love the start with Take Kare, it bangs always has and sets a good tone for the tape too.


He states his opinion on a project, and why he feels that way about it. Most DD threads liveemixtapes something along the lines of “hey I like this kinda sound can you recommend something like it?

It’s just bars for 6 straight minutes. So happy with myself. Artists are encouraged to share music they’ve completed and released themselves, but original music posting guidelines must be followed. She Notice Meyour welcome.

To me it always came across as though he was trying to make it look like he just didn’t give a fucc. That’s not for me. It was a joke. Like i said, its not easy to explain, for me, in livemistapes part is because i rap, slume i try to do different things i scream, i sing in various ways, etc and im always noticing the originality on what the artist is doing with his voice.

Didn’t listen to a single leak.

Slime Season 3 Mixtape by Young Thug

Youre not explaining what he doesn’t get, just naming albums he didn’t care for and saying he “doesn’t get it”. I’m a fan of Future and the most lyrical song I know might be codeine crazy. I’ve been listening to it since it leaked and I’m still a little wowed by how it all flows from track to track as an album five months on. Yeah, even though Fantano was lukewarm on it, everything he was saying sounded good to me. Lol you said thugger is not original lololololo lol you said migos only have the ‘triplet flow’ going on when they do fucking amazing hooks that u ask urself how the fuck did they come up with that lololololo u dont get it neither lololol bye.



Saying he doesn’t get it is a cop out argument. Obviously that’s the case.

Like Papyrus level garbage. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. No Skime, Speculation or False Information Rumors without sources and threads with misleading titles are not allowed.

Is that the best app for mixtapes?

Yo does he remember lyrics at his shows? Jesus thugger snaps on Draw Aeason, excuse me motherfucker god damn it. Just my opinions however, not that it matters. You should probably type that in the youtube comments or message him on tumblr so he sees your comment, because I don’t think he comes here much.

I say it around the white kids I know, and I have never had one person get offended? Languages Italiano Edit links. That being said, at some point the bird’s gotta leave the nest.

Retrieved August 21, You could say that Fantano isn’t in a position to comment in a first person capacity on the black experience in America. He does like 5 or 6 reviews a week and has been amping that up recently. Often times, he dismisses the artists if they have different production while the subject matter remains the same.