Im sure if you have a couple Jedi then it would be possible. Added the Crimson Marauder Stronghold approx , Lok. Stay tuned for more! Razor Knuckler schematics were supposedly pulled from the loot tables by the developers due to game balance issues. So i’d advice people to bring one, as it will help. Never go more than 10m away from the leader, unless you are specifically told to.

POIs, planetary map, spawns, resources, missions -stable. You have already unlocked all the doors, so you just need to move to Mappoint 6, using the shortest way possible and back again. Like all looted armor, the HAM is very low. Updated Kashyyyk world terrain ingame map is temporarily out-of-date. Stat Migration no longer requires a salon, or an Entertainer simply do it yourself. Nal Hutta — added a few static items, a few new landforms, new generic planetary map. This document is nearing completion.

You need to get to Mappoint 9. The execution date is set Merged EMU fix for factory crafted droids losing their modules. Using Vehicle Customization tools. Go to Wzypoint Smugglers Outpost, and bike to the bunker Reply 3 of Viewed times.

Added new music to Taanab, Dagobah, and Coruscant. Well, all I can say is, you’ve got not idea dewth you’re going up against! All the MOBs are on a 4 minute respawn timer, so keeping on the move is a must. Finally Added the travel route indicators on the galactic ticket terminal map! Miners tend to carry these. Added new veteran rewards at all levels. Adjusted looted weapon damage, damage type, and armor penetration. POIS, planetary map, spawns stable.


Removed the superfluous period at the end of new droid deed names.

Patch Notes

If anyone goes rogue, it may very well kill the watfh group. Stay in the center of the group, and stay clear of attacking anything. Updated crafted combat droid stat outcomes. This blood sample is the Blood Vial I mentioned in the Overlord section.

Death Watch Bunker information – The Full Wiki

It will be easier to control the situation that way. This is another high end, open world experience with unique bosses and loot.

When the droid is in position use the command – detonate – to set off the explosion. As of chapter 5, traders have combat skills, so are agroed by all “red” NPCs, therefor a crafter will not be able to solo the bunker. Faction Perks – Imperial. Overhauled Mustafar damaging lava code — now you are auto dismounted if you try to fly a vehicle or ride a mount into the lava.

The Mandalorian Helmet #1 – IGN

Be sure to check back often. Reply 9 of Viewed times. You need to make sure that everyone is at good health. Fixed cave entrances in multiple locations on Hoth.

Continue now towards Mappoint 7, using the shortest route possible. Star Wars Galaxies Forums: Extraction of the scientist is of the utmost importance! Of course everyone will bring a buff, but duration is the key here.

As soon as he drops in the first item into the droid, mobs will spawn. Added a new zone, art, and travel points for Mon Cal.


Death Watch Bunker (Game Messages)

But first, a short introduction. Added bluefrogs to all planets and Nova Orion. Lightsabers will inflict 10 times the damage of any rifleman.

Because of this, massive amounts of camping flooded to the Ewok Villageas people slaughtered Deathwatch Wraiths and Ghosts, and Black Sun Assassins and Guards, hoping to acquire any new loot. There are also spawns now on Ord Mantell, and a cloning facility.

If the droid is unavailable, use the command – reset – to acquire a new one. From Nova Orion, you may travel to any adventure planet, plus Lok, which is the nearest planet. If it works as expected, the same may be done for other crafting professions.

See change list for all additions. When talking to the Foreman, he will tell you to locate Haldo.

Mandalorian Armor, Jetpack Art Crate – The art crate is a generic item that you can get out of the loot chests that when used will create a Piece of Art in you inventory. Make sure the team understands that it will take time, work and dedication to conquer this dungeon. Once everyone is at the 1.

Below is a partial list of items that may be found in the bunker:.

Randomly spawned Black Suns – loot.