Like most other subs, I have a Referral Link. Voss Bonus Series 1. Players who were subscribed on February 1st have immediate access to this new Chapter, and it will be available for all other subscribers on Thursday, February 11th. I’m assuming that having finished the Bonus series on Hoth gives me access to the dailies by level Which is good if you need XP and credits, and the missions usually give some really good mods, armorings, and enhancements. Cutting Our Loses Part of Bonus. Holoterminal Light Side Option Location: Gilded Electromesh Gloves — http:

Finish everything in your log at once, then turn them in. Being able to skip much of the killing helps alot when you play a stealth class and skip them anyways. Gilded Electromesh Headgear — http: So far there have been three ways I have received the quests. The Nar Shaddaa bonus series is level If you take it one quest chain at a time like I have been the last levels it is more enjoyable and indepth. The reason as to why you don’t find the Hoth: Besides, I am a terrible liar, everyone can see when I am lying – my lips are moving.

This is incredibly difficult, the level range for Belsavis is and I’m 2 levels below that at Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Reminds me of an easy version of a Lineage 2 class change quest. Use the mission terminal on the landing platform on Voss to begin.

Alderaan: Bonus Series

Republic dont have fleet quest giver as well Originally Posted by herpecin. This is news wwtor me. Collo on the Fleet, in the combat training section. If you want to do this before you finish chapter 1, you can talk to Coloel Harok in the spaceport. You might be wondering from rephblic to time if it is sart your while to stay on the current planet and do them or hop to the next planet and start a new quest chain. You must have skipped a lot of missions.


This page is not meant to keep you from following the link you’ve clicked on. Black Market Prototype Storage Casehttp: I’m assuming that having finished the Bonus series on Hoth gives me access to the dailies by level Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled.

However since there is a drought of hard knowledge about how the mechanics work this is just speculation. Alderaan Bonus Series is where you should of gone after running out at Hoth, at least that’s what I did.

Keep Me Logged In. Republic Settlement Zoneit needs to be With the release of 4. The bonus series for Alderaan is level Levelling by storry quest reppublic feel very slow around the end of Act 1, you get sooooo much running around on low level planets until you can finally get to a new planet.

Where Darkness Abides Part of Bonus. The series is level You’ll find max-level daily quests at the Fleet, on Belsavis, and on Ilum. You can kill him once, run out of the instance and then reset your local phase, go back in, kill him again, then reset the quest this rspublic and repeat local phases reset every 3 minutes, quest reset every 2 minutes.

I actually care about the NPC’s every now and then.

On my Guardian, I received:. Series is level 40 Balmorra: It is definitely a fluid and smooth questing experience. Like that agent chick on Alderaan, etc. Pick up the quest on the fleet from a mission terminal near the Smugglers’ hangar door Republic. Voss Bonus Series 2. The time now is Sign up using Email and Password. In the future, if you need to add information to a question, there is an edit button right at the bottom of the question – feel free to add anything that will clarify what you are asking.


From what I can learn the Quest comes Republic side from a soldier in the Republicc Works part of the game that is laying on the ground injured where a seriws of Static fighting is happening at some intersection down there. I tend to not include these are they are soloable and the rewards are not all that great.

Alderaan Republic Quests

Originally Posted by StationaryHawk. Quick Navigation Star Wars: I actually did have the same issue with hoth, but no other planets. Missing Link Part of bonus. After the Tattooine bonus series, I realized that this game gives you much more quests than you’ll ever need while leveling.

Please change your level for Alderaan bonus series [Empire]. This is well assembled, but unfortunately it seems of little use if all of the orange rewards are displayed only showing their imperial look. This patch includes a new chapter in the Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline, the return of HK and Blizzand a crafting update. There’s almost always a Bonus Series.

Imperials have their bonus series Thanks for this great resource.