Latka Dikha diya humne jhatka diya tumko tada tum tum tada Film: If only dilli ki sardi has this effect then what would be the consequences of Kashmir or Mount Everest ki sardi?? This was not one of his lovey-dovey movies. The song was a hit for sure and probably because no one ever really went deep into the non-sensical lyrics. Twenty Worst Hindi Songs – Review Being an ardent lover of music especially Bollywood music, I would not have written this review; But on one hand songs like Tanhayee, Bahon ke darmiyan etc. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. His creations may be a little melodramatic and overly ‘self destructive’ at times,but they leave a cinematic impact. Kabhi’ may not be one of them.

Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam Describe what r u wearing and then only I will dance with u seems the motto of this song. This was not one of his lovey-dovey movies. Okay, so you first tell a girl she laughs in tune with your telephone ring and then compare her to a Tabla. Well, lets make it weirder.. Sign up to receive an email whenever we post latest lyrics in bogie. Twenty Worst Hindi Songs – Review o yaar.. The number of kurtas which he tore off might have made one full wardrobe of once again?

The tune would be made for the musical characteristic of one particular language which need not work well with another. Duniya O Duniya Singer: Yash Chopra’s ‘films’ aspire to be what Bollywood fondly terms as ‘poetic’!

Hera Pheri Once again Tabu lol. I wonder why Govinda does such songs. A helephone that starts from Anda Anda Anda can wsli happen in Bollywood! I wonder Insaaf was a better title or Insane was a better pick? In fact is a veritable gem of a classic.

Telephone Dhun Me Hansane Vali Lyrics (Hindustani)

Twenty Worst Hindi Songs – Review true. Teri galiyo mein koyi mard na Chhodunga aurat bhi na chhodunga Teri hansi ko udane nahi dunga Mere dil mein basa lunga Showroom mein sajan aurat ki Murat chhune na dungi Jivan mein dyun tumhe Pyar ki rekha par karane na dungi Telephone dhoon mein hansane wali Melbourne machhali machalane wali Digital mein sur hai tarasha Madonna hai ya natasha Zakir husain tabala tu hai kya Sona sona tera chamake rup salona Sona sona cellular phone tum to ho na Computer ko le kar bramha ne rachaya kya.

The video is also vulgar as well.

Forums New posts Search forums. Well the period of 90s is still considered to be the golden era of hard core Bollywood music. Hello and Welcome to HiFiVision.

In closing I must accept that there are no doubt cloyingly familiar songs lyrics galore. This was not one of his lovey-dovey movies.

Telephone Dhun Mein Hasne Wali Song

Subscribe via Email Never miss latest songs lyrics update. I think Swades was Shahrukh’s best performance of all time. Aarambh Hai Prachand Singer: If u want a tongue twister then it is a really good example.


Pani na hota jharane Na hote ye wadi na hoti Milata na tu to meri Jaan nahi hoti ye pyas nahi hoti Gori nadiya apane me Har din mujhako dubana Tum na sharmana zulfo me Apni khud ko chhupa lena Telephone dhoon mein hansane wali Melbourne machhali machalane wali.

We have Biggest Collection of Hindi Songs Lyrics, so you can search your telephhone songs lyrics by movies names, by artist names, by music directors and lyricists.

Hindustani I think this song became popular not becoz of those lyrics but for those shakes by Urmila and Kamal Hasan and A. Oops I think I need to stop thinking now but?

Jaade mein balma pyaara laage Film: Hemant – the song you have quoted is a dubbed one! The result is the same a bad song?. Wo zameen thi, aasmaan tha, Hum ko lekin kya pata gasne, Hum khade the jahan par, Ussi ke kinaare pe gehra sa andha kua tha, Hooohoo Phir wo aaye bheed ban kar, Haath mein the unke khanjhar, Bole phenko yeh kitaabe, Aur sambhalo yeh salakhein, Jo gehra sa kua hai, haan haan andha to nahi hai, Iss kue mein hai khazana, kal ki duniya to yahi hai, Kuud jao leke khanjharkaat daalo jo ho andar, Tum hi kal ke ho shivaji, tum hi kal ke meni sikander, Humne wo hi kiya jo uhone kaha, Kyunki unki ddhun khawahish yahi thi, Hum nahi jaante yeh bhi kyu yeh kiya?

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Starting from pants to shirt uptil body sab kucch sexy Ab kucch baki reh gaya hai to who bhi gaa do!! This Prabhu Dheva starrer has undoubtedly the most catchy beats and music but also the most non-sensical lyrics. What is your smile number? Best track ever about Maximum City? Akshay Kumar in jeans singing at Hiranandani? This song from the film Love is a perfect example to show how effortlessly you can endorse all the brands in one song. Sometimes we are unable to define why we like or dislike a particular song.

Go and play this song and u will get? Ranaji maari sautan ko ghar le aaye- 2 times Pooche to bole friend hamari hai haii- 2 times Ranaji ne thanda chakku yu khola- 2 times Bole ki haii thanda maane coca cola-2 times Ranaji bole moro ki basti mein hai shore raani, haii haii haii Moro ki basti mein hai shore raane – 2 times Kyunki yeh dil maange more, More rani more rani more rani, Thaari to beech bajariya haii badnaami ho gayi, Thaari to laal chunariya, saram se dhaani ho gayi, Thaaro to dhak dhalk howe, jo jo beete re, Jaise har ek baat pe, jaise har ek baat pe, Jaise har ek baat pe bina kisi ke lagne lag gaya ban- 2 times Jaise durr desh ke tower mein ghus jaaye re aeroplane- 2 times Jaise sare aam Iraq mein jaa kar jam gaye uncle sam -2 times Jaise bina baat Afghanistan ka, jaise bina baat Afghanistan ka, Baj gaya bhaiya band, Jaise bina baat Afghanistan ka baj gaya bhaiya band, Jaise durr desh ke tower mein ghus jaaye re aeroplane, Ranaji maare.


Palchin mein baaten chali jaati hai hai, Palchin mein raaten chali jaati hai hai, Reh jaata hai jo sawera wo dhoondhe, Jalta makaan mein basera wo dhoondhe, Jaisi bachi hai waisi ki waisi, bacha lo yeh duniya, Apna samajh ke apno ki jaisi utha lo yeh duniya, Chitput si baaton mein jalne lagegi, sambhalo yeh duniya, Katpit ke raaton mein palne lagegi, sambhalo yeh duniya, Oh ri duniya, oh ri duniya, wo kahen hai ki duniya, Yeh itni nahi hai sitaaro se aage jahan aur bhi hai, Yeh hum hi nahi hai, wahan aur bhi hai, Hamari hare k baat hoti wahin hai, Hume aitraaz nahi hai kahin bhi, Wo aayi zamil pe sahi hai, Magar falsafa yeh bigad jaata hai jo, Wo kehte haiaalim yeh kehta wahan ishwar hai, Faazil yeh kehta wahan allah hai, Kamil yeh kahta hai, Manzil yeh kehti tab insaan se ki, Tumhari hai tum hi sambhalo yeh duniya, Yeh ujde hue chand baasi charago, Tumhare yeh kale iraado ki duniya, Ohh ri duniya, oh ri duniya Hoo ri duniya.

The songs goes sexy sexy sexy mujhe log boley. Hindustani The second song from Hindustani. Anjaam Hmm this song leads me to quite a thinking. Jab tak rahega samose mein alu? Totally meaningless and the video featuring Madhuri Dixit was vulgar as well.

All formula films keep repeating the ‘signature style’ of their star actors and directors,but in the context of good cinema,I find that stars and their mannerisms drag a film down into a quagmire,into walo these films sink with a soft,s-q-u-i-s-h-y sound. His creations may be a little melodramatic and overly ‘self destructive’ at times,but they leave a cinematic impact.

Madhuri was really looking fat in this song.

The song is called Patti rap without anybody really knowing the meaning of Patti.