The drive rails are completely tool-less and literally make drive installing a second job. Last of the features but certainly not least were the adjustable feet. The first position of the lock is fully locked. Take a look here. Sure I have lifted heavier things but not in such a compact size. The following is from one of our members. The main problem was the motherboard.

The fans run at a max of about 21DB says on box and I mean what I said, they can’t be heard. Take a look here. Not too long ago, this was something that was only considered by the most hardcore of enthusiast, but with computers becoming so commonplace, the big window in the side of the case has become almost as common. The Xaser III has three drive cages: Another feature is a three-position lock. Modified cases have become one of the most popular components for nearly all types of users. The left side panel will not come off without unlocking it. As mentioned earlier the Xaser III uses the ancient, and until recently, forgotten drive rails.

The blue finish looked magnificent.

The main problem was the motherboard. Some of the drive rails would not fit pins spaced wrong on the 3.

Tech Review – Thermaltake Xaser III Super Tower Series Case

To survive in the computer case market manufacturers must offer their consumers many features and options. The Asus GeForce 4 Ti card had to undergo a slight modification. May set you xase a further 5 seconds! Sorry to be a sourpuss on my first post, it has nothing to do with you or your writing, Nixxer. These pins can be removed at any time in order to remove the window if need be.

The strain this case put on my back muscles was unbelievable.

These reviews offer a unique perspective from people just like you who have gone and made a purchase and want to share their findings and recommendations. Oh, and be prepared for a lot of pictures. Chenming has molded new bezels and those should start to filter down to retailers in the next few months. The door is also equipped with a key lock for added security.


My thanks to Overclockers UK for getting it to me so fast and damage-free, to Short-Media for letting me write this review and especially to a great friend Souriat for the use of his camera, his photography and his aid in re-assembly.

The resistance offered by the backplate means that you have to push as hard as you can so that as soon as one of the holes are aligned with one of the stand-offs you can get the screw in.

Tech Review – Thermaltake Xaser III Super Tower Series Case |

I had to put the case back down and take a few deep breaths. Can’t give any temps yet but they do provide sufficient airflow I think. Sign In Become an Icrontian. It certainly requires both hands for a safe lift. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website.

This explains why it is so power hungry. The USB, firewire and audio ports are found at the top blowhole concealed under a push and click cover. The second positron allows for the drive door to be opened whilst keeping the front bezel securely locked. The packaging was sufficient; a large sealed cardboard box.

But lets be honest, a lot of folks have neither the skill nor the time necessary to come up with their own personally modded enclosure. Home Cases and Power Full-Towers. Another struggle during assembly was with the fans.

Thermaltake Xaser III Super Tower Case Review

A programmable alarm is onboard to let you know if you exceed a preset trip temperature. Can a manufacturer produce a PC case that offers a buyer a lot of features or will the entire design suffer? The above specifications are For reference only.


The wrapping was a good idea since the idea of a scratch on a nice new blue case would serids be tolerated. There are a few changes from their Xaser lineup of old. The LED is connected the same way as a fan and the wires are right next to the hard drive cage. I chose to locate it underneath the processor supef this is the only temperature I am concerned about.

Like Nixxer, I had problems getting cards to seat properly with this system.

Icrontic — Home of the Big Beef Burrito sincefool. It is simply designed for monitoring one temperature, usually the CPU, and controlling four fans which is quite appropriate since inside the case are four groups of fan mounts. This may have been true for the average PC buyer who never looks inside aeries PC case but for the current computer enthusiast community such a feature is welcomed even at seies expense. Crappy case from a company with notoriously crappy products.

Inside sharp edges are non-existent. Opening the front bezel gives access to the front fan grills, the exterior drives for installation and the lock for the left side panel. Another feature is a three-position lock.

After all this the only thing left to install was the temperature probe. Short-Media encourages our members to share their thoughts with our readers.