We heard silence also, except it was suddenly broken by the sound of jet fighters, going very low and very fast. Also I have never seen a car spin continously and silently in a circle which is the only way a “car” could change its lights from red to white to green and back to white! When we got back to our motorcycles their were at least 2 other groups telling us that their was a mother bear and two cubs that crossed behind us. We continued to curse and make other vulgar comments about the legend when the light suddenly became red and intensified with our vulgarity. It could go down much farther than 3 feet when the car goes downhill towards you but it can’t really rise much and be visible behind the hill. The problem is that the county only plows the road down so far, then you have to walk for a half mile.

Planet Janet, said to be from the Piggly Wiggly. Bob said I thought you came in an hour ago, well he didn’t he just got off work. I can’t deny the spookyness of the silences, and I’ll definately go back out there when I get the chance. It turned bright red. That would be the scientific explanation of the Paulding Light as the light usually starts off red, then goes to a bright white light. Some have said that they have seen the light go all the way down the hill to the creek bed washout on the road and back up the hill. Unless there is a kind of wierd diffraction that bends the light it doesn’t really make sense for it to be car headlights.

I personally would like to go back someday and recommend a definite must to anyone who is considering going. We did see the car lights in the epieode which were obviously not the light becasue it was very apparent that it was traffic on hwy Immediatly the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up, and I was absolutely terrified.

Be here with us now.

Paulding Light – Wikipedia

It is totally eerie! A good view was from a dirt road off of rt. See, this was the path to the field, and this is where our group of 11 became two groups, eight and three. The real question is what road they are on. While students and investigators have explained the occurrence as something natural, many residents of the community are convinced it is paranormal.


Archived from the original on October 25, I’m not sure if it was just from all the physical exercise or not, but it was a little uncanny when the other two said they felt oddly warm as well. The first recorded sighting of the Paulding Light was in when a group of teenagers reported the light to a local sheriff.

Michigan’s Paulding light

An interesting fact is that the headlights almost appear to be a light that somebody hung from the power line far in the distance. We walked down the road all the way to the washed out bridge then came back.

Please contact me at scholzf post. I can’t deny the liht of the silences, and I’ll definately go back out there when I get the chance. The strobe-like beam, known as the Paulding Light, shines in the distance along the highway stretch of US 45 like a lighthouse signaling ships to shore.

This is not something that one person in the group will see it, and others will not. Ask for Skip Schulz. The light changes from white, to red, to green. You can even see it during the day with a good telescope, provided the cars in the distance have their headlights on. It was a gray, darkly overcast day, and the lights were clear. Would you and do you take people to see it? Inscribed in the ground were the letters BOB. I jumped on the band wagon and we made the two hour trek from Marquette to Paulding.

The Strange Mystery Of The Paulding Light

I mean he was convinced that he was going to die! I figured it was just more of the headlights, but they swear that it was different.

The lady said she took the Picture to the University of Minnesota Duluth and had the picture examined for possible lens problem or just to see if the picture was real and they said it was not smoke because it didn’t’ have characteristics of smoke. It is well documented that the first report of the Light was actually in But she didn’t know where the other 4 were. If you have a snowmobile, this works best in the winter.

I contacted unsolvd mysteries and they did not do an episode on this pualding light. InSyfy Channel’s Fact or Faked: A little snow was coming down when I was there so the light was probably dimmer than normal and it just barely showed up on video as about like a medium brightness star but more spread out. Yes, the lady, tripod and all, was there, just like they say. And whether the light is from a car, or from an unrestful spirit, the light still brings people together in a positive way and sparks the imagination of dreamers everywhere.


I thought it was a bit strange when I first saw it, also. This is in the Upper Peninsula county of Ontonagon. When a car comes up over a hill the light is blocked by the hill untill it gets above the hill so at most a headlight could rise up from road level to about 2 or 3 feet above the road when its coming towards you and that motion would hardly be noticeable when viewed from 6 miles away.

There are many legends surrounding the cause of the Paulding Light. I’m going back tomorrow night with ligjt infrared night scope, high powered binoculars, and if I can get a spectrometer and an intensity meter I’ll get some readings with them. One of the only lights on the market that would have appeared this intense is an aircraft light, and I am pretty sure there wasn’t an airplane on the next hillside. The group of eight wanted to go all the way to the field, no holds barred, it’s their way or the highway.

Can’t believe the scientists can’t figure this one out especially when radios are used. They had made it all the way to the field, and hung out on a rock or something, and they said it was the same dead silence that we had experienced.

We all hopscotched our way across the creek pauldinh was fun because all the rain had raised the water level quite a bit, so said our returning guideand started back up the next unolved.

T-shirts are also made with this logo, unolved I own one. It looks an awful lot like car headlights and taillights.