Thanks again for the great article. And as a nudge to the frequent contributors to Cinema Treasures and its staff members, note the number of theaters for which there is no link i. Some prints got run a record number of times in those Norelcos. The more I think about it the more I think that I have the date wrong. Reviewed 3 weeks ago. A Day on Rottnest Island. Boy, Toronto is some movie town. All of this was in about a 6 square block area, but now it is hard to imagine two boys ages 7 and 12 going to a downtown movie alone to say nothing of walking to the Krystal on a Friday night in downtown Birmingham, or anywhere else for that matter.

Bill Huelbig on March 12, at 8: Like Peter above i have a section of the movie in 70mm,Those projectionists have GOt to stop giving sections of film away. Here are the cinemas where you will find baby-friendly sessions. I did not forget Nashville. I saw it a few times as a child. I guess movies were not the only things that were better about those days.

After the movie ended we filled out our questionaire and gave it back to someone as we exited. I lived within walking distance of the Loma Theater in San Diego and saw the film five times over a period of two and a half years week run. And the film did not even play first-run in Austria despite having been filmed showacse.

It also played in various theatres too: Seeing it on a great big, wide movie theatre screen added much magic and dimension to a cool film. It was also during this time that large cities began their first of numerous return engagements. I guess movies were not the only things that were better about those days. That would be cool if they did.

Ask moniques about Grand Cinemas Warwick. Nunzienick on March 2, at 3: The overture and intermission music was removed to save space on that one tape. It’s just your average local cinema. Cobalt on March 15, at The Palace ran the 35mm stereo format on the curved Cinerama screen which had been masked for 35mm scope. It is well accepted that many theaters are not interested enough to get onto the screen what we put into it.


The beautiful picture, cine,a locations, wonderful music, and an entertaining story really made it a day to remember. And as a nudge to the frequent contributors to Cinema Treasures and its staff members, note the number of theaters for which there is no link i. I hope everyone stops for a moment and thinks about how much time and work Michael had to put into this interesting report!

What did a reel of 70mm weigh? I have always enjoyed your efforts to list the movies that played in certain theatres and what theatres played some notable movies. At the Cinerama theater in San Juan, PR, regular wide screen 35mm films were shown in the center of the cinerama screen masked by the curtain.

As was pointed out by a couple other readers, Nashville is on the list listed among the June 23, batch of bookings. He was a Georgia Tech man who five years later would be paying for me to earn a liberal arts degree, so SOM was not the only thing we did not have in common. However, there was no mention of 70mm in the newspaper ads although Todd A-O does appear in the opening day ad. At least this time I caught my memory lapse before you had to point it out to me. This also means that it was the Christmas attraction at the Ritz that year.

It was not an issue of being a major fan of the film, but rather the fact that it was the only theater within walking or biking distance from our home. StanMalone on March 11, at 1: Service was efficient and friendly and the atmosphere was relaxing and enjoyable.


Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. Well, flash back a few decades and consider another movie that rocked the industry. A correction on the engagement. This list is a work-in-progress.

Coate on March 17, at 8: Subscribe to this blog. Perhh 7 March Nice Cinema. That I would remember that after all these years just shows your great PR skills.

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The National Hills showed it during a re-release. The reel it came from was in the booth of the Cinema 46 and was from a print that ran at the Bellevue in Upper Montclair. Coate cniema March 4, at 3: Reviewed 2 March via mobile Gold Lounge.

He took it with him and used it as his 70mm set-up reel at the Cinema For me, SOM was one of those watershed movies that opened up a whole new area of interest, namely musicals, just like The Longest Day did for war movies and Doctor Zhivago did for historical drama. JSA on March 2, at 6: Learn more or change your settings.

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I have a whole boatload of stories about that one. For 35 standard wide we used similar lenses as in the other theaters. Tmies, I correctly listed it as Belle Meade.

Bill Huelbig on March 2, at 4: