Most of International fans always call him Yoon Ho. Birth Of A Song Episode 6 2 years ago. Good luck and have fun subbing creambunny! Momentary Lapse Of Sanity. Anonymous December 24, at 7: Ahn Jung-Hwan is a South Korean former football player.

I hope knetz will change their mind. By meechuttso Started July 22, They had created by far the most ingenious and creative games, quizzes, sports and even reality show in their entertainment world. I had fall for “Where Are We Going? Meri Maria April 24, at 3: She is more afraid to hypodermic needle rather than anger of her father.

Special Episode Actually, not so special.

Congrats on your new family member! Well there’s 8 episodes that have aired in China at the moment, with the 9th next week. Xman Episode 4 3 years ago.

Dad! Where Are We Going? Episode 20

The part when Cindy worried about Rock’s arm was a sweet moment. Former Member from Appa Oediga Season 2: Anonymous August 28, at 8: I do hope that they won’t cancel the show just because of one dad. Running Man Episode 3 hrs ago. Anonymous January 5, at 5: Actor The Oldest among 6 Dad.

I got addicted years ago because I was once a hardcore Korean Pop K-pop fan. Glad to know you’re enjoying the show!

Now, he is the new member on Season 2.


MBC – Sunday Night: I remember one scene that Joon told his father that his friend is awesome and everything but fun is not among them. B ut now on season 2, many korea web stated that Ryujin has been met with Appa Oediga Staff. Anonymous December 22, at However, I am not going to talk about Running Man.

When she laughed while watching it means that must be something different served in the show. It’ll be up some time next week.

[Engsub] Dad! Where Are We Going? () Full HD

Anonymous June 11, at Anonymous December 14, at When will the 5th subbed episode a;pa on? Thank you so much. Season two is set to air this coming February so stay tuned for more updates on who the father-child pairings will be! Birth Of A Song Episode 6 2 years ago.

Things Up: Dad Where Are You Going? Full Episodes List

Now, he is still active as musician, his genre is Hip Hop. Due to this, Joon cannot really get along with him and preferred to be silent rather than talk to him at all.

I like how some of them realized that taking care of their children is not so easy and they are very thankful for their wife for doing it on a daily basis.

I watched those episodes first before I decided to commit myself to the whole show. Anonymous May 8, at By 0ly40 Started August 8, I was really moved when he admitted to lying. Although it is true that he recently met up with the producers, his casting has not been confirmed K-Netizen will boycott appa oediga show s2 Link: The more, the merrier.


Newer Post Older Post Home. You can see that the kids can connect apoa their fathers and already acknowledges the existence of their father.

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Lord Of the Ring because he always kissing his wedding ring after scores a goal.

Actually, not so special.

Momo He is the son of Ahn Jung Hwan. He is such a cutie!!

eo Anonymous May 27, at 9: D you go subbers! Second child of Kim Sung Joo. Anonymous November 20, at 9: Anonymous December 24, at 7: