That image haunts him for the rest of his life. Episode 12 Full Episode S 1: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Iljimae is turning out to be about revenge, while HGD was always about finding himself in the world. Despite the overacting, LJK managed to make my heart hurt for Yong. She realizes that this boy is her brother.

That night, making deliveries to the house of Lee Myung, minister of Something Important, Yong finds his true calling. Yong bursts in, demanding food, and giving no hint of what has just happened to him which satisfies the assassin who followed him home. Join 61 other followers Sign me up! Am just waiting for the guilt that awaits him. Lee Moon Shik Supporting Cast. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: The crowd watches, murmuring their sympathy at this beautiful young woman, and Shi Hoo is dragged away. Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Yong gives chase and catches him. Episode 9 Full Episode S 1: As Yong grows up learning the art of thievery from his adopted father, he slowly starts to regain his memory.

Shi Wan, being an asshat, only watches and taunts him for his aspiration to become a noble officer. To celebrate, he wears a bizarre bubblegum pink and aqua outfit that is only rivaled by his bad hair.

Iljimae ep 1 eng sub gooddrama

Kim Roe Ha Supporting Cast. This episode was frustrating, but it was nice not that being frustrated is nice, just the episode.


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He then says to the astonished Eun Chae that she was a runaway, deserving of death to whomever saw her, and that his actions should be lauded as a service to the country. TV Iljimae Episode 7. Jung Da Bin Supporting Cast. It appears that he did this to advance himself. Contributors Become a contributor. Coincidentally, Yong is also captured for selling pornography — but really he was using them to bribe the prostitutes to tell him where his sister was.

Yong is released in the morning, and his sister can only sob with her destroyed throat, poor thing at his leaving. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Ah, the cruelty of the writers! She thanks the heavens for being able to at least see Kyum once more, and resigns herself to her own death.

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Join 61 other followers Sign me up! Lee David Supporting Cast. Shi Hoo is sent out to fetch Shi Wan again, but the other has gathered a group of nobles and prostitutes together to mock him. Here his overacting is intentional and kind of endearing. Jo Ejg Ki Epixode Cast. His bro, not unkindly, tells him to go for better work elsewhere.


I must believe that, and move on. She must be in some corner of the world, still living happily. Episode 12 Full Episode S 1: Watch Iljimae Online Buy now on Amazon.

Remember that rope he smeared with honey and blood? Ahn Kil Kang Supporting Cast. Bong Soon thinks she just cares about the appearance of her future husband lol, so she does admit that Yong looks good?

Secret Episode 7 English Sub

Am just waiting peisode the guilt that awaits him. Shi Hoo signs up as a lowly guard in the royal archives, which is really really not for nobles. If the rope is frayed enough, it will break. A family friend delivers this news to Dani, who is surprised, but she is even more devastated when she finds out that Shi Hoo is the one who reported Yeon.

Iljimae ep 1 eng sub gooddrama

Is it just me, or is the Kim Hyun-joong as a pure white stallion metaphor particularly hilarious? Kim Sung Ryung Supporting Cast. Yong asks to join the gang, reasoning that if he wanted to ilnimae out if the sword was in the possession of the noble households, then working for the very people he wants to check would be ideal.