No drama, no arguments, no jealousy, no deadly stares. Coz yeah, sports drama without shower scene? In Jangwoo defense Gemini people are not very sentimental or mushy as he himself had told Eunjung before maybe that way he is not able to keep his previous girlfriends did not his friends mention to that effect? Kshow will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark us for update. Some posts from blog which can be interesting for CC-ers: June 18, at 9:

As everyone I’m a bit taken aback with two couples leaving the show. July 4, at 4: Posted September 11, Weekly Idol Episode will air on 18h00 Wednesday, Feb 27, Problematic Men Episode 2 hrs ago. Please answer for me.

Running Man Episode will air on 17h00 Sunday, Mar 03, I just hope they don’t fight everytime a pretty girl appears in their way. The once shy and lost clubber Eun Jung was seen amongst the other clubbers dancing along to the music. Knowing Brother Episode will air on 23h00 Saturday, Mar 02, EJ start to follow them singing that line and the she turn back to see JW while singing that line.

WGM Woojung Couple Episode 45

Gag Concert Episode 3 years ago. This is just my feeling but they looked like couple which had quarrel and tried to look good in front of others. Dub thought today episode was funny. You can watch swimming cut in our blog.

Master In The House Episode 45

And if he is in bad mood he will demonstrate with every pose and glance. Season 3 Episode 5 4 months ago. Moreover, JangWoo didnt wear his ring in this episode, yeah.


But on the other hand they looked so realistic before that it would be noticeable if they push themselves. You May Also Like See more. I just hope our couple will be aoojung to last at least a year can you believe it’s been 5 months already?

I think this will help not only the couple but to mantain and incrise the ratings as well. JaeMin oppar’s diet is doing wonders for him. He talk before he think — it come to him mind and out of his mouth it goes-he means no harm that is just him but it can some time hurt the person he talk about. June 18, at 9: I had been watching coulpe for 3 times and still can find just few things I liked. Immortal Songs Season 2 Episode 3 weeks ago. When she reached, 3 of the friend including Jaemin have a chance to pair with them.

Lee Jang Woo leads club rookie Eun Jung into the world of nightclubs. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. No drama, no arguments, no jealousy, no deadly stares. Problematic Men Episode 2 hrs ago. I was pretty surprised to see him topless on tv. They are dynamic and are always changing, you can never count on them doing the same or boring things.

[Engsub] WGM Woojung Couple () Full HD

Still, I am going to anticipate the next episode! Posted September 11, In my country we say: EJ did one for JW birthday and he did for cojple ring but now they have to upgrade more. I can imagine WooJung episodes like both of them are lying in the bed without strength to get up and do something.


What about you guys?

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Screening Humanity Episode 3 years ago. I hope everything will be good, skinship, “yeobo”, ‘JangGoon-nim” she called him oppa through whole episode, and he used ‘yeobo” just once and ring are back. And not only that, but his interaction with EunJung, he looked happier looking at his friends than at her. Morning Forum Episode 48 3 years ago. OK, I know for sure that suzy and EJ did dream high and became somewhat friend but not as “close friends” though.

Tv Animal Farm Episode 3 years ago.

WooJung epi 23 eng-sub credit kshownow. Like really there are tons of them in my head right now. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Happy Life Episode 19 3 years ago. Ok I have coulle watch it with subs but I dont feel my opinion will change. I truly believe in this too, especially after last episode when I will stop to complain about it?

And lol, one of them Jaemin-DaeEun “couple”. Hello Counselor Episode 3 years ago.

Morning Forum Episode 48 3 years ago. Episode 23 Part1 Part 2. Kids These Days Episode 11 2 hrs ago.