In North Carolina, Nancy and Silas visit with a tobacco protege who wants Silas’s product in a cigarette. They don’t explain everything perfectly but Nancy got away with most of it and i don’t see complaints about that. In the end, the main characters are huddled together, pondering and reflecting, while enjoying the product that has often caused them so much turmoil and yet made them closer and more appreciative of the unique bond they share. And I’ve missed Celia for several seasons now The finale was better than I thought it would be. Prior to Jill’s ex-husband and the girls’ father Scott informing his daughters to obey Andy, Scott and Andy encounter a brief fight. Silas is dubious about his mother’s new outlook on life.

I don’t mind the roads the characters took although the Doug thing is a biiiiiig stretch. Though it says a lot that after eight seasons and episodes, I’m not the least bit sad that the series is over. And we got like minuets about Doug? Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. I think Andy should ease up some – it is not Nancy’s fault for not feeling the way he wants her to feel about him. Doug, using Meritor, manages to set up a fake homeless shelter by drugging a hostile homeless woman. Nancy is offered a promotion for her successes, but is tempted by the idea to sell the pills she gets.

Sucks to be Shane, who chose his cop career over the family business and soon on,ine himself struggling for work in the world of legal weed.

I was very disappointed nonetheless seeing as how I look forward to watching the show, and more disappointed at what happened to shane, he quickly became my favorite character after he killed Pilar. How do we think his future will play out?

I also wasn’t expecting for a time jump, but i’m glad they did it. Retrieved September 16, In New York, Shane and Angela find themselves in a compromising situation. Silas is dubious about his mother’s new outlook on life.


It was a great show but I think it stayed too long but whatever now it’s over and even though the past 3 seasons weren’t the best I’ll still miss it!. And the special touch of the “deaf girl” who refused to be manipulated by the SJP character’s charm which was all smoke and mirrors, So telling of our time can I spin BS or what?

His father died in front of him, became schizophrenic for quite some time, killed Pilar I was glad Andy found happiness but dissapointed I didn’t get to see it fist hand.

This page was last edited on 12 Septemberat As Nancy tries to collect cash for Stevie’s soccer s8s12, she desires to deal marijuana again but decides to control her compulsions this time. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Speaking of 10 years, flashing forward 10 years was a throw-away, cheesy end to the series.

I’ve figured out why I hated this finale: Had we onlin seen Silas and Megan again, or only been given a glance of the duo on another date, I think we could have easily assumed that onlkne would probably eventually live happily ever after—or whatever the Weeds equivalent of that is. Not at all what I expected. Crick Montgomery Larry Dorf Wish they would have gone through a different path with him, really disappointing.

Jill’s other daughter copies her sister’s appearance and begins dressing in a gothic style, much to Andy’s puzzlement. Nancy begins working as a representative at a pharmaceutical company which legally produces medical marijuana for people diagnosed with cancer undergoing radiation therapy. She onlone to be happy, like Silas and Andy.

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There were so many parellels to season one: This realization has them back in Regrestic formerly Agrestic, where weeeds story began. After visiting Tim’s girlfriend they find him in a Subway restaurant that he works at and instruct him to travel back to Agrestic, California.


Retrieved August 10, Hash Tags — Two words: The kid was bound to turn up being a messed up adult. Per usual, the series gives a slightly dark twist on the present lives inline the characters.

It’s Time, Part 1

wafch First off, Shane and Silas’ facial hair was horrible and creepy. The whole episode left me with mixed emotions. It seemed that Shane would finally get to move to Pittsburgh Watcj Wilson Patch Darragh I mean come on a two bit scam-man who’s always been a background character takes up time that could’ve been used in that widely depressing and disappointing conversation between Nancy and Shane.

Onlinr acts coldly towards Nancy as she resents her for destroying Silas’ childhood. Still after all this time “doing the best they can”. Subsequently, Jill claims to be pregnant but lies and is really going through menopause. How will it all end? The season’s first episode, “Messy”, onilne made available online through Showtime’s “Freeview” Facebook page a week before the broadcast premiere.

I guess that was an attempt to make it look like the characters aged 10 years? Where his isolation is a symbol of his defeat, hers is one of victory. But her new-found generosity gets her in trouble when she runs afoul of a hospital clown who sells marijuana lollipops to patients when she starts handing out her own pot cookies for free.