Ordinal Scale Fairy Tail: Well, the song is a snore-fest, honestly, like most EDs. Kyoto Saga Eromanga Sensei Wotakoi: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Having had enough, Kate declares war on smokers, soon rallying the city’s residents to drive them out of town. Final Fantasy XV Persona 5: Well, the opening sequence told us one thing — the world conquest story, it will succeed.

Both Zvezda and White Light coincidentally have company vacations at a masked hot spring inn, where Asuta as Dva and Renge as White Robin get to know each other. Unlimited Blade Works stay night: Prisoners of the Sky Uta no Prince-sama: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Final Fantasy XV Persona 5: Save that for your future-girlfriend!

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Save that for your future-girlfriend! This page was last edited on 17 Februaryat Love Is War Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Once I begin, I can no longer stop or turn back.

January 11, at Retrieved 19 December Retrieved October 20, comquest After booting Yasu out of the hideout for smoking, the group go out for a meal, only to have their experience ruined by more smokers. It only makes sense for the enemy to be just as weirdto be able to stand a chance, also, considering the ear hair-do, maybe Hiroshimiya Kate used to be one of them.

Views Read Edit View history. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Well, the opening sequence told us one thing — the world conquest story, it will succeed.

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Well, the song is a snore-fest, honestly, like most EDs. When the Zvezda hideout’s energy source, generated from the Udo that grows underneath the base, Kate, Asuta, Natasha, and Roboko go underground to investigate what is causing the Udo to die out. Well, this was interesting.


The Animation Uta no Prince-sama: Zero — Persona 4: Perfect Chronology Layton’s Mystery Journey This ends up pushing the olot smokers to their most desperate, resulting in a chaos that neither Zvezda nor White Light can vanquish.

There is an introduction to another secret society in this episode, White Light. She said the world can only be safe via conquest. And of course, Asuma brings forth a valid objection, she worries, animeseasln if conqquest already did conquer the world. The scary folks are the saner ones, and Hoshimiya Kate is the truly terrifying entity.

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A young runaway named Asuta Jimon has a chance encounter with a young girl while wandering the streets at night. With the city taken over by White Light and many of the Zvezda members captured, Asuta contemplates what he should do. World Conquest Zvezda Plot stars a little girl named Kate Hoshimiya also known as Lady Venerawho is at the helm of an organization called Zvezda, which has the purpose of World Conquest. Phoenix Priestess Blue Exorcist: West Udogawa wofld in a state of emergency as White Light declares war on Zvezda and destroys their base, having Kate and the others on the run.

The members of Zvezda gather for the final battle against Asuta’s father, the Governor of Tokyo, to make their very first step to world domination.


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Taking her talk of world conquest as a simple flight of fancy Asuta walks with her and plays along to an extent. Ordinal Scale Fairy Tail: Restore the World Persona 3 The Movie: Leave animesseason Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Trinity Soul Birdy the Mighty: You are commenting using your Facebook account. As Kate tasks the others with figuring out the secret identity of White Light’s captain, White Robin, Asuta suspects that it may be animeseaspn classmate, Renge Komadori.

Email required Address never made public. Asuta is dismayed by the horrible quality of the food Itsuka herself prepared, as were the Zvezda members, most of which ran out on the meal. Objecting to this, Miki launches her attack, during which Renge stands to protect Dva, learning of his identity as Asuta. Maji Love Revolutions Gate — Working!!!

Asuta having wondered the streets all night sleeps through school. Also, LOL, our protagonist is going to run around in a gimp suit, effectively.

That said and done with, a fight breaks out about Itsuka’s questionable cooking ability, after which it is resolved that Asuta should do the cooking and also teach Itsuka how to cook. Retrieved January 1,