Function factor is used to factor expressions. The values of where equals zero were extracted into the list se , namely, that list contains the points where has critical points. The word style must be followed by one or more styles. To use this format, the geomview program must be installed. Also, in some cases, as it happens with ratsimp , the results might be different when the same function is applied again. To make a bar graph with bars which are 0. Maxima can use either Gnuplot, Xmaxima or Geomview as graphics program.

Function subst , which has been used above to substitute numerical values, can also be used to substitute other expressions. This format is provided by Xmaxima, which is distributed together with Maxima; in order to use this format you should install the package Xmaxima, and it will work not only from Xmaxima itself, but also from the command line and other GUI’s for Maxima. Function trigexpand expands sines and cosines of sums of angles:. Sometimes it may be necessary to use the options ” Interrupt ” or ” Input prompt “, in the ” File ” menu to recover the state in which Xmaxima is accepting commands. This option is used to save the plots created by plot2d or plot3d into a Postscript file. Its default value is “gnuplot”. The points where the grid lines are placed are the same points where tics are marked in the x and y axes, which can be controlled with the xtics and ytics options. And a three-dimensional plot without a mesh and with contours projected on the bottom plane.

A. Maxima Tutorial

It is even possible to redefine any of the functions that have been referred; for instance, if in the Maxima version being use some function has a bug that has already been fixed in a more recent version, it is possible to load the new version of the function and, unless it introduces conflicts with other older functions, it should work correctly. Notice that when several variables are replaced by values, the variables and the values must be place within square brackets and separated by commas.


If an option is present in a plot2d or plot3d call, that value takes precedence over the default option. Other functions used to simplify expressions are ratsimpradcan and xthru.

This variable is used to parse the argument that will be passed to the gnuplot program when the plot format is gnuplot.

In most cases, these options can be replaced by one of the more general options above; in those cases we recommend that you use the most general form.

Dynamics and Dynamical Systems – Maxima Tutorial

Function rectform which stands for rectangular form can be used to get the previous result written in the form of a real part plus an imaginary part:. Multiple commands should be separated with a semi-colon. A plot3d plot can be thought of as starting with the x and y axis in the horizontal and vertical axis, as in plot2d, and the z axis coming out of the screen. To plot several functions in the same window, those functions are placed inside a list.

In the next example a table with three columns is saved in a file “data.

The plot will show the path traced out by the point with coordinates given by the two expressions or functions, as param increases from min to max. For example, to get another list in which each element is the square root of the corresponding element in the previous list, multiplied by 3, it is enough to write:.

If that option is used, the plot will show that exact vertical range, independently of the values reached by the plot.

An additional optional argument [‘grid, 50, 15] gives the grid number of rectangles in the x direction and y direction. Updates the gnuplot window.

12. Plotting

Since the expression res was combined into a common denominator, the two terms accounted for by length are the numerator and denominator of the expression; therefore, function firstwhich extracts the first element in a wxmasima, will show only the numerator of the expression linked to res. The two numbers given as arguments are the scale factors for the x and y axes.


You can add any options wxmaxma by plot3d ; for instance, the option legend with a value of false, to remove the legend.

In a 2d plot, the ratio between the vertical and the horizontal sides of the rectangle used to make the plot. Six horizontal lines l1 pkot l6 were created using the coordinates of those points and the three sets of points repmax and min hold the coordinates of the points where is equal to 70 orwhere it has local maxima and where it has local minima.

Maxima is a free software package. Moving the mouse over the plot, while its left-side button is pressed, the surface will be rotated showing how it looks from wxmaxuma sides. The first item is the name of an option, and the remainder comprises the value or values assigned to the option. The default color codes are: Gnuplot and Geomview are external programs which must be installed separately, while Xmaxima is distributed with Maxima.

The gnuplot command to set the terminal type for the tutkrial terminal. Otherwise, it is saved as maxplot. In Windows versions of Gnuplot older than 4.

Maxima Manual: Plotting

Updates the gnuplot window. The second and third numbers can be omitted. Ranges specific to one of the surfaces can be given by placing each expression tytorial its ranges in a separate list; global ranges for the complete plot are also given after the functions definitions.

It does not need any aditional parameters. For example, to show the three points 1.

It this option is not set, the command used will be: The function to be plotted is equal to minus the antiderivative of the forcedivided by the mass, 0.