Meanwhile, the ignorant reporters present at the match vacillate between thinking that Yawara is faking a loss or covering up her own weakness, despite “expert” opinions from Hanazono, Shinnosuke, and Gohzoh Yuutenji, the Saikai College judo coach, that Yawara for some reason is not showing her true strength. Fujiko scores a quick yuko, but is thereafter in trouble as Tohdoh pins here. She runs off to catch the Tsurukame people to accept their offer, but they had already left. Hanazono made a wish of fighting Yawara just once before he graduates, which Yawara grants, with the inevitable result of Hanazono being thrown for an ippon. But Matsuda is completely wrong, as Yawara was not about to throw the match and beats her opponent smoothly anyway. Yawara drags her boss to make enter into a possible big account with Kato Chu company, at the extreme reluctance of Hagoromo. After eavesdropping on the conversation, Jigoro tells Sayaka she can challenge Yawara at any of 10 tournaments in the next 4 months in preparation for establishing a track record for fighting Jody in a World Tournament. Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream!

Yawara realizes that she really is not “normal,” or at least does not react like a normal girl. Even the usually composed Jigoro is eating peanuts with shells and disclaiming that he is “done with Fujiko. However, she is also not getting up from the mat and may be knocked unconscious briefly. Hanazono is having trouble tuning into the match, after finding out to his complete shock that Fujiko has entered the free weight contest. Kinichi Ishikawa Takeshi Fukuda. The final scenes show Jody and Teleshikova training hard in hot anticipation for a match in Jody’s case, rematch against Yawara.

The semifinals feature Yawara vs.

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl ep 3 English Sub – Kissanime

Coach Yuutenji is already visiting Fujiko’s parents about offering a scholarship at Saikai, and promising a chance of winning gold in Barcelona.

Yawara finally enters her first match since the World Cup against Tohdoh.

Swan Lake VS the Uranage!! The crowd, however, is on her side, cheering for the “Beanpole,” unlike her previous fight with Sayaka. Worried that she would miss her night practice, Yawara instead yawata surprised to encounter Jigoro across the street covered in lipstick kisses from the cheerleaders.


At the college championships, the Ebitendo team loses quickly but Hanazono wins and continues to the next round as an individual. It turns out that Fujiko has dislocated her should during the match, and Jigoro fixes her shoulder but tells her not to continue so as to safeguard her judo future he enigmatically calls her “the future of judo”.

Kamoda, the photographer partner of Matsuda, was only able to take a photograph of a faceless girl in white panties throwing the jjudo. Professor Senbe Norimaki, aka Doctor Slump, is a bumbling inventor living with his wife and his out-of-control robot daughter, Arale.

Fujiko, however, is giving Yawara a real challenge, having vastly improved. Yawara tells Fujiko the reasons for her choosing to work for Tsurukame rather than transferring to Saikai University. AnimEigo Now Accepting Yawara! Meanwhile, Matsuda is having second thoughts about the trouble he has caused her and rescues her from the media hounds on a motorcycle.

With 15 seconds left, the 2 opponents rush each other, and Yawara delivers an ippon zeoi with her injured arm. Add the first question. But Matsuda is completely wrong, as Yawara was not about to throw the match and beats her opponent smoothly anyway. On the day of the match, media shows up based on Matsuda’s scoop that Yawara will be there, but the novices believe that it is due to their own newfound “celebrity” only Fujiko is scared out of her mind, hoping that Yawara will show up at some point to rescue them.

Preview DVD Jan 17, Nakamura Production Production I. Afterwards, Davis and Jigoro have a match before Davis goes off to the Olympics, and they duel to a near draw after 3 hrs, until Jigoro puts him in an arm hold, which he releases to that Davis can go to Berlin without injury.

Sayaka manipulates her dad to invite Jigoro for dinner and to hire him as her judo coach; however, Jigoro is only interested in scoring a free meal at an expensive French restaurant, at which he ate a huge dinner and even took doggie bag home.

Matsuda also tells her she cannot lead a normal life wherever she goes and can never get away from judo. However, she spots a man on the Sayaka TV challenge footage that looks like Kojiro, and later sees his profile on a man eating oden at a street vendor. It is clear that the judo club members do not known each other as well as they think.


He admits that he is chasing both Yawara the judoka and Ywara the person. Fujiko is unable to eat or sleep after being told she has been nominated to enter free weight competition. However, when the match begins, Yawara reflexively counters Kousaka’s countermove and beats her anyway; Kousaka is not embittered about the loss and instead has greater respect for Yawara and vows to work harder.

He forbids her from working because she needs to train more for the Judo World Cup.

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Sayaka sees this as an insult and vows to defeat Yawara. Jigoro continues to criticize Yawara as a “fighting dog” unworthy of a judoka, and states that his judo does not win by judges’ decisions or points, but on outright ippons.

Fujiko bravely and shakingly goes to her match, to protect the weakling Kyon-kyon, who would surely die if she fights. Kyon-kyon manages to score a koka by dodging, but is overpowered in the end; she feels mad about losing.

As she begins the contest, Fujiko reflects on how much judo has changed her life after meeting Yawara, and she feels almost as if she is doing ballet at her peak.

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl (TV)

Ely Martin as Mr. Zutto Kimi no Koto ga Shinnosuke lies to them grl having advised her to skip the tournament. Yawara and Mastuda are forced to have dinner and drinks with Shinnosuke and Yuniko, the latter trying their best to ruin Yawara’s perception of Matsuda with lies and false innuendos.