The Commission has requested a study to analyse the transposition of the Mediation Directive by the Member States, bearing in mind that the directive concerns only cross-border disputes. The Commission will be endeavouring that any decision within the CITES Convention takes fully into account the worrying situation of elephant populations in a number of range States and the need for strong measures to improve that situation. The murder of MP Afrasheem is a tragic development in a country which has seen constant political tensions leading to serious outbreaks of violence. Beneficiaries have problems maintaining liquidity, taking on tasks which often lead them to the brink of bankruptcy. EU has called for the development of appropriate legally binding verification arrangements with IAEA for the irreversible removal of fissile material of the nuclear-weapon States no longer required for military purposes. The directive is expected to be adopted by co-legislators by the end of However, reciprocity is not possible in the USA, since European pilots cannot work there without an American licence, for which they must obtain a Green Card. Will the Commission take action to encourage Germany to speed up the modernisation of its railway lines, which are essential to the creation of a coherent rail transport system in the European Union?

The recent parliamentary elections in Belarus demonstrated that serious obstacles to a just democracy and human rights still exist. Does the Commission intend to include measures promoting cloud computing in a uniform approach for monitoring authorities? On the basis that a revision of the European banking system is both urgent and necessary, how will the Commission consider the Liikanen report in relation to the proposal for a banking union? Does the European Food Safety Authority have any say on the setting of the maximum permitted radioactive contamination levels? It is hard to determine with any accuracy the extent of offshore radioactive contamination caused by the Fukushima disaster in Japan. The Erasmus programme helps to increase mobility in higher education, its aim being to encourage a pan-European approach in the higher-education field. Does she not agree that it might be appropriate to make representations to the relevant Indian authorities, given that this constitutes a clear violation of international law to the detriment of a Member State of the European Union and is also a dangerous precedent for all EU citizens who could one day find themselves trapped in the net of judicial proceedings in that country? How can consumers be certain in the future that there will be no GM pollen in the honey that they buy?

Additional monitoring data would not be relevant to determining the EQS which are set on the basis of the intrinsic property of the substances. At the global level, elephant poaching and illegal ivory trade reached record levels in Falta de recursos para el Programa Erasmus.

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Destaca-se o forte aumento do desemprego entre os professores. Is the Commission satisfied that full account is being taken of the best interests and welfare of the children concerned if they are eventually relocated, whether to a third country or within Europe itself? Divorce cases can be resolved not only via fi,m often long and costly — judicial processes, but also via mediation.


The EU supports the action taken to this end by the recently created International Consortium for Combating Wildlife Crime ICCWCwhich comprises five international organisations with expertise in law enforcement, wildlife trafficking mahkmecie project management.

Social aspects should be part of such an integrated policy.

Dispositifs d’accueil pour les enfants demandeurs d’asile. On the basis of the information gathered, the Commission may mhomecie if further measures are useful to promote the use of mediation, also in the family law cases. Only EU air carriers have full traffic rights to operate all EU routes.

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Costs have to be closely controlled to increase the efficiency of the overall system. The TEN-T Guidelines proposal aims to establish and develop a complete and integrated network, covering all Member States and regions, by implementing a dual layer structure consisting of a core mahomecid to be completed by and of a comprehensive zakazang to be completed by The EU will continue its engagement with Belarus civil society, be it through its assistance projects or through the European Dialogue on Modernisation, in which the Belarusian authorities are also invited to participate at expert level.

They must keep the certificate proving they have done so with them while driving. Compliance with the relevant provisions includes full electrification of the railway lines.

The experts compared the merits of different techniques and how to apply them in a child-friendly manner. What pressure does the Commission intend to bring to bear on Turkey with a view to securing the immediate release of the three officers, whose basic human rights are being blatantly infringed?

Escalation of the flm between Syria and Turkey. The Council of Ministers had also referred to the need to formulate specific measures for endocrine disruptors and evaluate the cumulative danger arising from the combined effects of chemical substances. Co-funded nahomecie in Greece — Delay in achieving objectives. Has there been any discussion within the Council on the urgent need to set dates for the elimination of nuclear arsenals in Member States?

The study also concludes that there are important differences in the degree of regulation of traineeships both across EU Member States and across categories of traineeships. The impossibility of identifying police officers during rallies and demonstrations: In essence, Member States are required to apply a selection procedure that guarantees the transparency and the equal treatment of potential candidates.

In some Eastern European countries, like Romania, most paid traineeships are viewed as constituting professional experience. The potential beneficiaries of ETC programmes include public finance sector entities, civil society organisations, non-profit associations and SMEs. Does it have or does it intend to draw up an action plan to help protect children in the country?


Niveaux admissibles de contamination radioactive. The originally nine negotiating members have now been joined by Canada and Mexico. The efforts by the Chinese authorities against ivory trafficking need to be pursued.

It is important to highlight that the wind farm industry has grown by an average of This is extremely serious, as it affects the education of European citizens and efforts to give them a sounder intellectual grounding. Corrective measures will be taken where necessary. The Japanese authorities monitor intensively the presence of radio-activity in fish and fishery products in coastal areas and international waters.

Islam i prawo szariatu. The Commission has received in the last months several complaints from third-country nationals and authorities of third countries about systematic excessive delays in the appointment systems to lodge a Schengen visa application in certain consulates of EU Member States. The Directorate-General for Interpretation responds to specific requests coming from the services of the Commission, or occasionally from the other EU institutions, to provide sign-language interpretation.

Member States may therefore apply domestic taxes on such products as long as those taxes do not give rise to formalities connected with the crossing of frontiers between Member States. In the meantime, the Commission is in contact with all stakeholders to tackle some dimensions of the issues raised by the Honourable Members.

24 najbardziej chore filmy, których lepiej nigdy nie oglądać.

Negotiations are underway for the renewal of the concession, which will most likely be concluded in the first half of A recent study by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has shown that high altitude wind turbines, which exploit winds that are steadier and faster than surface ones, could amply supply the energy needs of the planet in the near future. The landfill site was due to be closed down in Mahomeciee Commission proposal focuses on the learning outcomes resulting from non-formal and informal learning.

In Italy there are some 30 businesses in the industry, nearly all of which have been managed by the same person for years, and they mahpmecie the risk of having to close down, causing many job losses. Prefekt Kongregacji Nauki Wiary ks. In September, the Commission launched new webpages dedicated to literacy issues, to highlight relevant actions both at EU and Member State levels: Both the proposal and the EQF Recommendation follow the learning outcomes approach in which the knowledge, skills and competences acquired are central.

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